Monday, June 15, 2009


We had to get it done. Last Valentines Day weekend, we had to push through the Obama stimulus (porkulus) bill because unemployment would skyrocket if we didn’t pass it NOW so said the democrats. If we passed it, said the democrats, unemployment would be held below 8%. So here we are, 4 months later and we are at 9.4% unemployment and rising. It has not made jobs. Joe Biden comes out over the weekend and says “Everyone all guessed wrong on the impact of the stimulus package” but he defended the administrations spending designed to combat rising joblessness. Biden said inaccuracies in unemployment predictions shouldn’t undercut the White House’s support of the 787 billion dollar stimulus plan. The plan was supposed to create 600,000 new jobs. That’s WELL over one million dollars a job!! He said these will be new jobs that would not have been there before. That’s a lie. There is no proof of that anywhere. There is no evidence that this stimulus has created any jobs that would not have been there before its inception. Ten days before Obama was sworn in his top advisers stated unemployment would remain at 8% or below through this year if the stimulus plan won approval. Yet in May, we reached 9.4% and we continue to go up. 14.5 million Americans are out of work. Biden said that no one realized how bad the economy was. So he blames the faulty numbers and not the fact that the stimulus plan is creating no new jobs. We on the right knew it wouldn’t create jobs. Now Biden is swooping into towns across the country telling people to support the plan.

So when I heard this, three letters came to mind. Not numbers, not words. Three letters came to mind.


So we guessed wrong, big deal, it happens.

Didn’t Powell and Cheney and Bush all tell us we were going into Iraq because Saddam had weapons of mass destruction?

The left claims they were never there. We went to war over false pretences!! They screamed and hollered over and over and over and over again that Bush lied. The libs and the media never let them get away with it and never let them forget it. Now, there’s a good chance that Saddam’s nuclear work ended up in Syria but the best guess at this point is that they were wrong. The best guess is Saddam was bluffing. He kept telling the world he had them to keep his enemies at bay. But Bush and Cheney were wrong and they never heard the end of it.

Well now, Obama and Biden are wrong and the stimulus hasn’t done a thing. You could easily make the case we’d be at 9.4% without the stimulus package. Yet Biden can get away with a shrug of his shoulders and say oops, we were wrong. We said the stimulus would have an immediate effect and hold down unemployment, but we were wrong. Almost a trillion dollars is wasted on NOTHING!! All we have is empty White House claims that we saved 150 thousand jobs which is (of course) impossible to measure.

How convenient.

It’s a ridicules falsehood invented by a desperate and dishonest president. It’s easy to sell a package if you have no one to make you back up the pie in the sky claims made by this administration. They used the recession to justify an unjustifiable package of sops to the left that haven’t done one thing to pull us out of this downward spiral. Obama said government is the only solution to a problem this big.

Government is the problem, not the solution. Right Ronny?


Eman said...

I won’t embarrass Diogenes by publishing his comment. His claim is that Bush and Cheney didn’t “guess wrong”. He’s right. Every intelligence agency worth any merit guessed wrong. Sorry.

He also claims 1 ½ yrs of the Iraq war cost about the same as the stimulus package and we lost over 4000 lives. Well, I know there were more suicides during the same period of time. Also there were about 7 times more abortions during that time. But of course, those people (or unviable tissue masses) don’t count. There are more suicides related to unemployment and the market crash then troop deaths in BOTH wars.

I don’t post these things anymore because, #1 it’s my blog and your choice of words will not be posted here, and #2 I wish to save you the embarrassment of your lack of common sense.

Diogenes said...

"There are more suicides related to unemployment and the market crash then [sic] troop deaths in BOTH wars."

Care to back up that unsupportable assertion?

You're a putz. I just hope that sometime you'll allow other viewpoints other than your own bizarre opinions. I trust even you have noticed that NOBODY but Nameless Cynic and I have ever posted on your steaming pile of "personal opinion." Without others, you are one droning insignificant bore.

Eman said...

The significant rise in suicide attempts and deaths of those heavily invested in the stock market well documented. Now, I have found a huge variation in numbers, but the average is approximately 1400 in the last twelve months of those who had lost significant amounts or entire life savings in the market. Even taking the lowest estimate of 854 would put the suicide deaths well above this past 12 month casualty count in both wars.

Wow…I did it all without calling you a name too. Extraordinary!