Sunday, September 27, 2009


Katie Couric joined producer Tony Maciulis for a live facebook video chat this week. They discussed her interview with Glenn Beck, what it's like to sit down with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, social media, and the fact that she often does the evening news barefoot.
She also shared her opinions on the health care debate and how it's covered. "To be honest with you, the whole debate has kind of depressed me," she said. "The idea of kind of sitting down and working things a really necessary part of the political process, but it seems increasingly difficult to do that in this day and age." She told the facebook audience, "The one thing I really don't like are opinions without portfolio or judgments without knowledge or basic information, and I think we have a lot of that. And then there are people fanning the flames, encouraging that."

Yeah…Like YOU read the bill Katie. And even if you did, which bill did you read? When did you read it? Because whenever you read it, it’s changed since then Katie. Obama spoke to a joint session of Congress saying his healthcare bill this and his healthcare bill that… Where is this “bill” Mr. President? Did you write one too? Is that the senate version, the house version?
For a man who was supposed to be 5 times as smart as Bush, he sure lacks intelligence.


Teresa said...

Obama sure does lack intelligence. Every congressman should be required to read all the health care bills being proposed. If Obama really wants the items in the bill that he states, than he is supporting bills that contain much different information and reforms than he is promoting. I think that Obama is stating misinformation on purpose.

Teresa said...

I loved the cute couple!! Cute froggies!!

Eman said...

Do you think Obama and Katie could be twin sons of different mothers born in Africa and raised in Hawaii who had no dad but was the brother of some other mother or something or other?

Clinton could twist the truth, but I don't think truth even matters to Obama. It's only right if he says it unless he miss-spoke and then it will be right tomorrow when... Man this hurts my head...