Friday, September 11, 2009


"It was disgusting and it was reprehensible and it was predictable. ... The office of the president of the United States was demeaned last night. President Barack Obama gave a grossly inappropriate and ... embarrassing speech, a campaign speech disguised as a big speech to a joint session of Congress. It was grossly inappropriate in content. There were lies, falsehoods, distortions, it was embarrassing in tone. He called his critics liars when his own positions have been proven to be untrue. ... It was dishonest. It demeaned the office of the presidency. ... It was an awful speech. He was petulant; he was childish; he was a community organizer and agitator; he lied; he was divisive; he attacked me; he attacked Sarah Palin; he attacked conservative Republicans in Congress who dare to challenge government-run health care. He continued to attack tens of millions of Americans who spent the summer attending town hall meetings. It was crude. It was disgusting. The most crude and disgusting performance by any president I have seen." --radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh


Anonymous said...

Get used to it, my brother. We've got three more years (at least) of this asshole.

Eman said...

Do you think he could destroy the democrat party? Some have said he very well may be doing it. Personally, I think thats just not possible. Though they eat there own they tend to also grow because of it.