Friday, September 18, 2009


The pattern is frightening.

I don’t swear much anymore but what I see and what is happening should scare the hell out of every American. So I use the word in a very literal sense and I mean every word I am about to type.

Once in a great while a change of such magnitude takes place that might not seem great at the time but hindsight tells us all that it was a point where the shift was so great it changed history and changed what is just and what is unjust, what is evil what is good. I realize things are not always black and white and it’s hard to make the correct choice. But what is black and white to me is the fact that the United States has sacrificed more lives, more blood in the cause of liberty and freedom than all other nations of the world combined. This is done for liberty for liberties sake and not to conquer. Not just for the sake of those here at home but other countries such as France, Kuwait, Bosnia and many others. Over and over America has come to the aid of other countries or peoples forsaking their own interest and vanquished tyrants and terrorists simply because it was the right thing to do. We do not hold power over others. We do not subjugate or occupy, we simply help.

There are times when we have had to align ourselves with bad guys to find the greater good. Sometimes you join forces with the bad to get closer to the good and subdue the very bad.

Call it arrogance or boasting or haughty or whatever you will, but The United States is the greatest country on the planet.

Some may call that conceit, I call it clarity.

People all over this globe in the back of their minds know this is true. May not be what they want or what they express to others but it just is what it is: The Truth.

We have a huge illegal immigration problem in the U.S. for one reason: Everyone wants to come here. Everything is better here. It’s not perfect it’s not nirvana or Shangri-La, but it’s the best system man has ever made, and when it was put together, God was called on to weave His will into our destiny. The idea that man is endowed by God with inalienable rights makes this a better idea than any idea anyone breathing has ever come up with. We shed blood for the oppressed all over the globe.

There are some that feel we need to apologize for what we’ve done and what we represent. They say we are the bad guys and we need to admit our mistakes so others can feel better about their atrocities. This is a tremendous philosophical fundamental change that has come about mostly in academia. We have seen inklings of this lately and they are becoming more and more prevalent and it is alarming.

Remember Georgia? June 2008 Russia attacked a sovereign country south of its boarder. One of our greatest allies in that region looked to the U.S. for help. They had always looked at us as that “beacon on a hill” and we turned our backs on them. We let Russia invade them and the Bush administration made some moves but because the U.S. elections were close at hand our president turned his back to their repeated pleas for help. Joe Biden has told them they will never get their land back.

Iran. Elections their universally seen as rigged and fraudulent. Iran is a world away but a country and a culture we have tried to connect with for decades. So many people wanting to connect better with America. The electronic age making it possible for millions to see the oppression. Many people, mostly the young in that country, desperately trying to bond with us. In that region of the world all we could do was try to help those who wished to overthrow the theocracy and tyranny of their government. A wide open touchdown pass was thrown our way to overthrow this government without bloodshed in the aftermath of this jacked-up election they held. Many risked their lives to send video to the internet in a desperate attempt to get our help.

They died in the streets pleading for our help.

Israel: Our strongest allies in the Middle East. We have always stood shoulder to shoulder with Israel without question.

That has changed.

Barrack Obama went from ‘there should be a wall’ to ‘there shouldn’t be a wall’ to ‘there should be a wall just not that tall’. Now Israel has been forced to try talking to Russia in an effort to protect their freedom because they can no longer trust America to ensure it. They have circumvented, for the first time, the United States, and decided to try dancing with the devil in the hope they don’t get burned because they feel that is a better option than dealing with this administration. This occurs as the United States tries to force Jews from their homes in the west bank and Gaza.

A poll taken in Israel during the Bush administration showed 88% saw the United States as pro-Israel while 2% said they were pro-Palestinian. Now a new poll shows 6% see us as pro Israel and 50% see us as pro-Palestinian.

From 88% to 6%.

Another country that may not seem consequential but bears mention is Honduras. This week long story of President Manuel Zelaya who tried to shred the constitution of that country. The constitution of that country said no President can serve more than one term in office. As a matter of fact the constitution says even if you are an interim president for even one hour, you cannot be President again. President Zelaya decided that was not in his best interests and declared himself President again. The Supreme Court of the country said “You can’t” and this is a pretty cut and dry situation here. The people said, “You can’t” and this is a pretty cut and dry situation here. The Congress said “You can’t” and this is a pretty cut and dry situation here. He then tried to use the military to back up what he was doing and they said, “You can’t” this is pretty cut and dry.

The Barrack Obama administration said they support Zelaya and demanded they take back this wana-be dictator. And when they didn’t take him back we cut off all funding to Honduras. We have also invited Zelaya’s former ambassador to represent Honduras at the UN, even though his visa has been revoked. The State dept. has so far not given an explanation of how he can get into America without one and why the United States is recognizing him when he has been linked to bombings in that country back in the 80’s when he tried to overthrow the government.

And now we come to today. The New Your Times reports Obama is scrapping plans for a missile shield in Europe, once again stabbing in the back a freedom loving ally.

Where once was the promise of a shield against rouge nations missiles now stands a man saying it’s not worth it.

And liberals wonder why we call him a socialist.

Each in and of itself is an isolated incident. You can’t draw conclusions from isolated incidents. But this "change" in the air has many losing "hope".

Not me.

Each time our President sides with those who have little or no regard for the law, each time he stands with those who would be dictators, each time he supports having a dialogue with terrorists and those who support terror, it brings us closer to realizing what many of us knew all along: Freedom and liberty and justice and truth have little to do with running Obama’s America.

This President must not succeed. He must fail. We must stop him and we must stop him soon before he dismantles this shining city on a hill into a mound of rubble at that hills base. Fight we must. Fight we shall. The struggle continues….


Teresa said...

Excellent article!!! You are a wonderful patriot and through your words, are a beacon of light in these tumultuous times. Yes, Obama MUST FAIL, in order for America to succeed. Limbaugh was correct, also. Obama has consistently made the wrong decision time after time. He wants to shred our constitution to pieces and I guess that is why he supports the rogue dictator in Honduras. Obama must be stopped! God Bless!!

Eman said...

Thank you for the kind words and for visiting me here Teresa.

It is difficult for like minded people such as us, who share a passion for country and rule of law, to stomach this stuff. We see the road these liberals are taking us down. We recognize the innate danger of the direction they are leading.

Now, when we are trying our hardest to make them hear our voice to point out that others have gone this way and it’s a road to nowhere, they call us racist and bigots. This insults you and I and is inherently false and it is and is a diversion from truth.

You and I see it. Thousands of people recognize the worthless waste of money and resources these “blind to the truth” ideas are.

Once again thank you for visiting me and for your passion for the country you hold so dear. God Bless You!

United Conservatives of America said...

Ok, that picture is VERY DISTURBING, even for me.

It is unbelievable that this person would (could) even think of himself as a god.

I mean, for once, I am totally speechless, and that is unusual for me, because I can usually come up with something witty, but I cannot think of anything.

I can say that I totally agree that Obama MUST FAIL. It is the only way that America will survive and prosper once again.

I added your blog to my list.