Wednesday, September 9, 2009


In this post I will attempt to display and explain my predictions for the coming NFL season and my very favorite team, The Green Bay Packers. I’ve been a fan all my life and was born in the blood by my father, who was a lover of the team and only by God’s grace, was still around for their last run for greatness in 1996-97.

Anyone who loves the sport as I do know it’s a passion. We cheer and support our team without pause or even reason. We hindsight and Monday morning quarterback as if we know what went wrong and who’s to blame. I don’t care much for pointing fingers unless it’s the man standing in the goal for the green and gold.

After a great pre-season in which the first team destroyed Cleveland, Buffalo, and at Arizona (who were last years Super Bowl losers) we lost to Tennessee mostly because the starters went only one short series. Barring injury, this team will win the division and Aaron Rodgers will become one of today’s top 5 quarterbacks in the league.

Here are the predictions:

Home against Da Bears: 34 – 9 Win
Home against the Cincinnati: 35-28 Win
Away in St. Louis: 24 – 6 Win
Away (Monday) at Minnesota: 28-27 Loss
Home against Detroit: 44 – 9 Win
Away at Cleveland: 34 – 10 Win
Home against Minnesota: 45 – 21 Win
Away against Tampa Bay: 34-31 Win
Home against Dallas: 38 – 13 Win
Home against San Francisco: 31-12 Win
Away in Detroit: 38 – 3 Win
Home (Monday) against Baltimore: 24 – 21 Win
Away … Da Bears: 28 – 13 Win
Away at Pittsburgh: 30 – 27 OT loss
Home against Seattle: 23 – 0 Win
Away at Arizona: 34 – 31 Win

That makes the prediction 13 and 3 and I have no reservations. This is an extremely easy schedule (30 out of thirty two, which means 29 teams have harder schedules than we do) with only the Vikings and Bears having easier seasons based on last years won-loss records. Nine wins in a row is a huge run in the NFL and I just feel we will hit the wall in Pittsburgh. Hope not, but the Steelers are going to be very tough this year and may be champs again. My greatest hope is we are there at the end to stop their run for the Lombardi trophy. Have a great season Y’all.

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