Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Attorney General Eric Holder's move to try the 9/11 masterminds in Manhattan makes it official: This administration has reverted to pre-9/11 'crime' fighting. Amid all the talk during the attorney general's surreal press conference of the 'crime' committed eight years ago, the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon wasn't even mentioned.

Lest anyone forget, the military headquarters of the United States was attacked that day along with the Twin Towers. An entire wedge of the Ring was gutted when the Saudi hijackers slammed American Airlines Flight 77 into it. Nearly 200 military personnel were killed, along with the passengers and crew of the hijacked jet. The jet was a weapon used to attack the very center of our military.

Missing from his speech as well was the lost Flight 93, which crashed in a Pennsylvania farmers field killing all aboard.

This was not a 'crime,' as our Attorney General and those on the left would have us believe.

It was an act of war.

The 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, along with the four other al-Qa'ida terrorist co-conspirators Holder wants to try, are not mere criminals.

They are enemy combatants apprehended on the battlefield and should be treated as such.

Holder clucked that the 'trials will be open to the public and the world.'

The problem is they will turn into circuses, playing right into the hands of the enemy. These trials will drag on for years, perhaps even decades, as defense lawyers file endless motions and appeals. Meanwhile, valuable intelligence about interrogation techniques and other methods we've used against al-Qa'ida will be revealed to the enemy during trial discovery. This move to a civilian court makes no sense at all, except viewed through a political prism. It will only remind people how much America has shrunk in the last nine months.

Look at what others are saying in response to Holder’s brain burp:

"From indictment to trial, the civilian case against the 9/11 terrorists will be a years-long seminar, enabling al-Qaeda and its jihadist allies to learn much of what we know and, more important, the methods and sources by which we come to know it. But that is not the half of it. By moving the case to civilian court, the president and his attorney general have laid the groundwork for an unprecedented surrender of our national-defense secrets directly to our most committed enemies." --columnist Andrew McCarthy

"In the string of amazing decisions made during the first year of the Obama administration, nothing seems more like sheer insanity than the decision to try foreign terrorists, who have committed acts of war against the United States, in federal court, as if they were American citizens accused of crimes." --economist Thomas Sowell

"After 9/11, we fought back, hit hard, rolled up the Afghan camps; after the [Danish] cartoons, we weaseled and equivocated and appeased and signaled that we were willing to trade core western values for a quiet life. Watching the decadence and denial on display this last week, I think in years to come Fort Hood will be seen in a similar light. What happened is not a 'tragedy' but a national scandal, already fading from view." --columnist Mark Steyn

"President Obama traveled all the way to China to praise the free flow of information. It's the only safe place he could do so without getting heckled. With a straight face, Obama lauded political dissent and told Chinese students he welcomed unfettered criticism in America. Fierce opposition, he said, made him 'a better leader because it forces me to hear opinions that I don't want to hear.' How do you say 'You lie!' in Mandarin?" --columnist Michelle Malkin

"In the U.S., the call is for government control, through regulations, as opposed to ownership. Unfortunately, it matters little whether there is a Democratically or Republican-controlled Congress and White House; the march toward greater government control continues. It just happens at a quicker pace with Democrats in charge." --economist Walter E. Williams

And yet the buffoons on the left ask where we get the idea liberals are destroying the country. Taking these terrorists back to the very city they tried to annihilate serves only one purpose: To tell terrorists how we got the info, how much info we got, and how we will extract it in the future, in other words, give away state secrets.

You scoff at honor and are shocked when traitors are found in our midst. (Fort Hood)

Belly Laugh of the Week:

"I'm a big supporter of non-censorship [because] it forces me to hear opinions that I don't want to hear. I think that the more freely information flows, the stronger society becomes, [and] they can begin to think for themselves." --Barack Obama in China, though he's the one with a Cyperspace czar, the one who supports the "Fairness" Doctrine, and the one who was/is at war with Fox News because they disagree with him


Uncle Slam said...

Great post. I see Diogofleas is back in the cesspool, bemoaning poor kali sheikh mohammed and his being waterboarded nearly 200 times. My heart bleeds for the poor, fat, murderous slob. Maybe we can donate to his legal fund.

Eman said...

Hey Slam... Nice to see you! How's it going out there in Colorado? Seems I'm getting more hits from Colorado on my blog than my home state these days. You must live close to this guy we love to hate. Do me a favor and give him a good swift kick in the stones for me.

(That’s how we say "get away from me you liberal fool" in Wisconsin)

It peeps like him that make me worry about America. But then I meet folks like you and my heart knows there are people out there who love America, who care about principles, and truly actualize the spirit of true patriotism. Have a great weekend and always remember, I’m standing with you and will fight for what’s RIGHT!

Stay warm bud!