Thursday, November 19, 2009


“When you look at it from a standpoint of real liberal bias (Which I know something about because I have been very bias in the liberal sense of the word from a bias standpoint liberally) you could get the impression that if taken in context one could rationalize a distinct behavioral trait based on his response to your accusations which, by the way, have been very mean spirited and homophobic, but it would be hard to contrast it with a corroboration of his other postings based on data now displayed in the space time continuum because the mother ship is not actualized in a coherent …aww the hell with it.”


Eman said...

Yes Dio-rreah, I understand this is your friend and you want to defend him, but I have a right to be funny. Nameless Cynic is the master of the run-on sentence. You, on the other hand, are the master of selective engagement. You never correct his grammar. You never point out his misspellings or fact check flaws. Heck, you never acknowledge your own misspelling or grammatical mistakes. I do. Always have. You only engage those who oppose your craptacular assertions and vomitus vitriol.

Yes, you have been forgiven, but no, you cannot comment here any longer. Apology accepted but your agenda is rejected and your language, though protected, will not be published here.

Oh the joy that fills my soul
When he who thought had control
Finds himself in bitter bondage
Tied up with all the other garbage

Anonymous said...

I was checking this guys (nameless cynic) blog out because of what you have been saying here. He loves to play the “Guilt by association” game with his links. The link is never really about the person of interest, like Bush for example, but about someone once associated with him who slipped up or was found guilty. He doesn’t associate Sandy Burger with Bill Clinton, even though Burger stole from the library of Congress under orders from Bill Clinton, but he associates Bernard Kerik with George Bush when Kerik’s offence was done after the fact. Left brained buffoons like Bill Minnich come from the “support liberals at any cost” crowd and refuse to acknowledge lawless liberals because it serves their agenda and because the right claims the moral high ground. So they try to drag us down to their level seeking justice. The only silver lining in the black cloud called Barack is people now see the true colors of the left and their agenda is clear. The damage this President is doing and will do to the Democrat party will be staggering, rest assured.

Eman said...

Wish I knew who to thank for this comment. He's spot-on if you ask me. Just wish I'd have seen it and said it.

Anonymous said...

Wow... This imitation was so right on I though I was on the wrong blog. I love this blog. Though I am not from your country, I am listening to your thoughts and learning from your debates. Thank you.