Sunday, November 15, 2009


Warning to all who have been dumped on by Dio-rrhea (Diogenes)

It has changed its name to “The Real World”

"IT" has done this for several reasons:

1. "IT" has been put on notice by that if they receive any more complaints it will lose his right to post here.

2. "IT" won’t put its real name out there because it is a true liberal who has no guts, no courage and no accountability for its actions.

3. "IT" fears for his life because of threats.

4. "IT" is doing all it can to cover its butt because it wants to keep harassing conservative blogs.

It calls me gutless and won’t say who he/she /it is or blog themself.

Who the hell are you to call ANYONE gutless PUNK?


Anonymous said...

This Dio guy needs to be trown off blogger. I have read enough of his junk to make me vomit.

Uncle Slam said...

Diogofleas is probably crying to his online boyfriend Aimless Cynic.

Eman said...

He just now confermed he is in trouble with blogspot and is asking me to please not contact them again so he can still post.

The deeper the doo doo the stinker the poo poo.

Eman said...

He's now saying he's sorry. He says he's a piss poor human being who is full of chubs...Whatever that means... And is pleading to me to publish his comments so no one else reports him to

Should mercy be shown?

Anonymous said...

Sure wish I could say what I want to say, but you don't want that kind of language on your blog. I'll just say I plan on making sure his nose gets rubbed in it real good. Him and the Aimless lady need to change their underwear. They are stinkin up the place.

Eman said...

Teachable moments are times when wisdom comes through great pain. The Preying Mantis must not just be shown the door, but how to use it.

Anonymous said...

Throw his keyster out and the key in the lake Eman!!

Uncle Slam said...

I vote to let him post. Cowardly scum as Stooge Minnich are afraid of dissent. As long as he can tone down his vulgarity, Diogofleas (as well as anyone) should be allowed to post (in my opinion...which, with $.99 will get you a small bag of funions). Besides, those loons from Aimless' site make great punching bags.

Some people are like slinkies: They really serve no practical purpose, but they're awfully fun to push down stairs.

Eman said...

First off let me say I want to thank you (Uncle Slam) and the anonymous commenter’s as well. I truly desire different perspectives here on my blog because it allows me to be more objective, which is the goal, and to listen and understand, which is a must in the political arena. Your wit and wisdom has is appreciated more than I can say, and I truly mean that.

Because I am Christian, and as such desirous to forgive, your suggestion to allow this Diogenes to post leads me in that direction, however, in being true to myself this leads me to a conundrum: Do I edit his comments to make them acceptable to my standards, or do I allow his language to stand on merit? Editing his comments could change the intent of the statements. His language implies an anger management problem which is wide spread in the liberal community. He has pleaded for amnesty before, only to snidely return with more vulgarity and vitriol, so his plea for reprieve this time is met with a large portion of skepticism. His anger issues are not my problem, he just tries to make them my problem, but I’m not biting.

I will wait for more comments and give this prayerful consideration before allowing his droppings to return to my blog. Although he seems very contrite this time, even going so far as to call himself names and even implying a change of heart, he has always gone back to his old ways. The proof is in his comments on other blogs which coincide with his “change of heart” statements that forcefully say he is being less than sincere.

Uncle Slam said...

Eman, I am in favor of letting anyone post their ideas. If they choose to go off on profanity laced tirades, then those objectionable words should be replaced with ones a little more acceptable ("darn", etc.). Then, the shock value is diminished, and we can take the post based on the merits of it's intellect and rationality. Granted, most of the leftoid posts will then be seen for what they are, which is not much, aside from drivel.

Here's the posting policy at one of my favorite blogs,

"Lets hear your point of view! - A warning to the liberal whiners who seem intent to flood our comment section with profanity. Save your keystrokes. The anti spamming script will just automatically delete your comment. Feel free to disagree with the host on any article posted here, but flame baits, racism, and profanity laced tirades will NOT be tolerated, and will eventually get your IP address banned!"

You should check out that site, Eman, it's loaded with provactive thoughts and GREAT humor.

Eman said...

Diogenes is now pleading for this to stop. he is hurt and very emotionally distraught over my handling of this post. It’s almost as if he is crying. He may be at his breaking point. If he does break, I would have to take responsibility for it.

Ooh the joy that fills my soul
When he who thought had control
Finds himself in bitter bondage
Tied up with all the other garbage

Eman said...

It has now been 2 days since the gutless one, Diorrhea, has reared (I can’t believe I said ‘reared’) his ugly head on my blog. He may have gone over the edge. He may have given up. He may have decided it’s not worth the effort anymore. The fact is this: I know him too well. I know his type and I know his MO. If he still breaths, he will return and when he does he will be so filled with hate and bitterness, he will quickly destroy himself. He is like Mike Tyson, who believed he was a god, and believed no one could stop him, but in the end, he was stopped by the only opponent he could never defeat: Himself.

Some may wonder if I feel a sense of bereavement or feel I have caused the demise of a fellow mortal. You may wonder if I have guilt or remorse or anguish.

As I take time to reflect and objectively look deep in my mind and heart, I can say without hesitation or pause…


Eman said...
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