Thursday, November 26, 2009


The last ten days have been very difficult for me. My mother became ill on Monday November 15th. I took her to the hospital and she was so dehydrated they were unable to draw blood from anywhere but her foot; this after weeks of trying to get her to eat and drink regularly. She came very close to dying. Far too close. My father has been gone since August of 1998 and since that time mom has been independent. But this month things took a terrible turn and I have spent more time with her than I ever have watching over her welfare. This will now be my charge for the rest of my days with her: to assure she is doing all she can to thrive. I thank God for mom and all she sacrificed for my brother, my sister and me.

I miss dad every day. He gave so much to all he had the chance to meet. His family was second only to God in importance. He taught me to do the right thing when no one was looking. He showed me how to play football and I became very good at left defensive end setting a school record 22&1/2 sacks in three varsity seasons: a record which stands today some thirty two years later. He showed me morals. He gave me his time. He was and remains a hero in my life. Thank you God for a father such as he.

I’m thankful for my Church and my good friend, Pastor Kurt. He has shown me humility and leadership and forgiven me when I slipped up at times. He is a wonderful Sheppard for his flock.

My lovely and gracious wife Brenda has been my better two thirds for all of this new millennium. She gave me a great and wise son who is prospering in school and strong in spirit and in truth. She is a wonderful artist and great with people. She is my reason for living. Without her or my son, there is little this world could offer me to remain here. I owe my life to her and love her so deeply. What a blessing God gave me in her.

My many friends are the salt of my day. Their humor, wit and differing political perspectives guide me and help me know right from wrong, good from evil, and they help me stay the course when I feel hope slip from my grasp. All those who visit me here on this blog are important to me. Yes, even those I can’t agree on anything with. They give me a chance to vent and opportunities to teach. The youth of the Church who I spend much time with are unrepeatable miracles of God. They are the vintage of life. They help me cope and keep me on the path towards righteousness. To all of you I say thanks, and give thanks, for I am blessed by your touch.

I am ever thankful to the sacrifice of soldiers fighting for freedom and liberty in places I will never see or walk. They keep the fight from my doorstep. They watch our shores and boarders and protect us from the enemies of America. They and their families are special and deserve our support, our prayers and our respect, though they ask little in return. God Bless them in their work and bless the families waiting for their return. Keep them safe from harm and guide their munitions so they may destroy the intended and not the innocent.

Lastly, thank you oh Great and Powerful God who gives life to all, light in the darkness, strength for today and the promise of tomorrow. Thank you for your Son Jesus the Christ who bore the sins of the world so we might see God. Thank you for your Holy Spirit and the wisdom and goodness from God it brings.


Anonymous said...

Hey, since you have to look after your mother so much now, does she let you out of the basement?

Eman said...

Dio-rreah...You are by far the sickest most pathetic wretched useless man I have encountered in my life.

You come to my blog and bash me when my mother is dying.

You are a worthless man.

You claim to be more of a man, more of a Christian, than I am and you come in here and play your little third grader games.

May God have mercy on your soul you pitiable small man.

What a lonely life it must be trying tear others down to the level of indolence you reside in.

There will come a day when there will be a knock on your door and I intend to make you pay dearly for these words you've said here tonight.

Mark my words. You will pay.

Teresa said...

I feel sorry for you because you have proven to be a worthless piece of sh*t. You are a hateful prick who has no capacity for caring for others in their time of need.

Teresa said...

I am so sorry to hear that your mother has been extremely sick. I will be keeping her, you and your family in my prayers. God be with all of you.

Eman said...

Thank you Teresa. This may be a very difficult Christmas this time around. So far, my rage at this guy is in check but I am very upset and I will not stand by and let him do this to me. No one should.

Anonymous said...

You have my deepest sympathies Eric. I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now because I have both my parents and a step father. My heartfelt prayers go out to you and your mom that by the stripes of Jesus she is healed and your pain is soothed by the Balm of Gideon.

This guy you’re dealing with is full of darkness and deceit. I will pray God sees this so called persons efforts and punishes him with prejudice.