Tuesday, November 24, 2009


In five different posts since 2008 I have been saying this is junk science, a joke, it’s all hot air etc. Comments from the Cynic and his sidekick Diogenes called me names and told me I was clueless of what I was speaking about.

Now we get… Silence.

Now we have Climategate: Emails and documents which had been requested under the Freedom of Information Act but were either destroyed or never given for what is now obvious reasons.

Today, Cap and Trade DIED!

Today Al Gore heard the bell ring for round one of what surely will be the fight of his life.

Today the crazy fruit loops from the leftwood land of silliness begin to realize what we here on the right knew all along: They have followed the pied piper for too long and find themselves in the quicksand of truth.

Those of us on the right, names like Teresa Rice, Rush, The Kooks Manifesto, Uncle Slam, The Left Coast Rebel, Opus #6, The Malcontent, Amusing Bunni, The Eman and hundreds of others who have blogs of their own and have said global warming is a joke are vindicated and shown to be seers of the truth. They are the ones who swam against the current, took the arrows and stayed the course for what is just and right. THEY would not be moved. THEY would now bow. THEY are the ones you should seek for facts and freedom.

The Cynic and Diogenes died today. Nobody cared. Nobody came. Rest in Peace.


Uncle Slam said...

Aimless is on his POS blog claiming Sarah Palin's new book has been "artificially" placed as a bestseller.

Sure Aimless...and your wife is an attractive woman.

This stooge is still cowering, trying to control the shaking of his urine-soaked leg ever since I've challenged him to a little online Jeopardy game...why is he so frightened to display his apparent "intellect"? LOL.

Uncle Slam said...


So the core of the earth is "millions of degrees" in temperature?

Actually it's about 12,600 degrees F., but what's a few million degrees difference?

How can people take this buffoon seriously?

Eman said...

Well, looks like THE MAN from Las Animas is slappin up the New Mexico manure mouth and his sidekick, the Colorado crapcake. They are now seeing their destiny. These two false farts from the fruitcake folly party will never be able to understand what we knew from the start. We have no fear. We have the one thing they claim but have never owned. We knew all along the truth will out and the truth has pulled the rug out. They are exposed for what they really are and what they always were: Junk Science, folly, and farce. The reckless orators of false propaganda.
I said months ago I was humbled and honored to be part of the revolution that will bring the left to the truth. They have met the enemy, right there in the mirror. Only God can help them now.

Oooh… I forgot… They don’t believe in God.

Eman said...

This is getting really pathetic. Diorreah, I need you to get a grip.
Your comments will not be posted here. Ever.
Your dismal arguments here are not worth the bandwidth they travel on.
Your sad and ridicules pleas to comment here are useless.
Your feeble mind is gone… God knows where…
Your wretched arguments make no sense.
Your pitiable existence has lost all reason.
Your gutless useless tasteless mindless pious presence here is unwanted.
You keep writing me and I keep deleting you for I have no interest in your unfortunate survival.
Please accept my invitation to slip into a coma.
You suck more than a whore at a penis party
Your brain, sitting on the edge of a razor blade, would look like a bebee pellet rolling down a four lane highway.
You ARE the real short bus window licking human toothache from Fartsdale.
You vote democratic because it’s easier than engaging your mind.
If I were your mom I’d have kept the stork.
You're so gay, you crap rainbow colored gerbils.
You have delusions of adequacy
You’re wet as a puddle, but not as deep.
I don’t know what makes you so stupid but it really works.
In view of the fact that God limited your intelligence, it seems unfair that He did not also limit your stupidity.
You should learn from your parent’s mistakes and try using some birth control.
And I’m sick of being nice to you…So beat it~~~~~

(I should know better than to pick a fight with ugly idiots…They have nothing to lose)

Uncle Slam said...

Is Diogofleas still slinking around? I'd have thought he was hanging out in a bar, helping push in Aimless' stool.

He's probably still weeping over that poor terrorist KSM, who gets to go on trial in New York.

(Wish the Navy SEALS who bitchslapped Ahmed Hashim Abed would get the same luxury as that pampered camel jockey).