Saturday, December 5, 2009


I would ask you all please to scroll down
to my “GIVE THANKS” posting.
There in the comment section you will read Diogenes comment.
(Yes I know it is him , though he posted "Anonymously"
 because he posted the comment at
the time he was on my blog and no one else was
here for over an hour after or before) 
He does this as my mother lays dying in the hospital.

This worm who calls himself Diogenes may one day pass your way.
He is not close to human or fit to be glanced at.
Words cannot express how I feel about
this piece of human garbage tonight.

I will no longer dignify him with responses here.
I will, however, respond.
It will be worth the air fare.
Only God Himself can judge a person like this.
It’s up to me to arrange the meeting.

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