Saturday, December 19, 2009


Annie Laurie Gaylor says she is persecuted and it’s all our fault. You see, she dislikes Christianity and religion. In an article from the far left wing Madison Wisconsin paper called Isthmus we get the picture of just how terrible life is for this woman.

This…woman…states: Gaylor urges critics to consider what nonbelievers are expected to endure. "Here we are, crosses everywhere we go, religious signs and steeples, and being preached at and told we're sinners 24/7 on TV and radio," she says. "And for the first time, we are being allowed to market our ideas too, and we have to be very clear about them."

Excuse me? Madison Wisconsin has crosses everywhere? Madison TV has religion preached 24/7 and on every channel?

Do you see me complaining about Family Guy being broadcast at the dinner hour? (Family Guy has never been on my TV and NEVER will be, but that’s when it’s on) Do you see me getting upset with all the network broadcasting swearing going on these days? The networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) used to have standards they never compromised. They could be counted on to give us family entertainment…No longer.

The moral compass has been smashed, swept up and thrown in the dumpster. This woman is as tyrannical as any person I have ever encountered. She says in the article she just wants to be able to express herself. You mean to tell me anti-religious rhetoric is suppressed in this country? This woman is evangelical in her fervor against religion. But people do not have the right to sue her to stop her crusade. Only the opposite is true: She can sue through The Freedom From religion Foundation (FFRF) to stop others from stating their faith and their beliefs.

This woman also says she just wants the chance to express herself and her atheistic viewpoint. Say what? Here she is being published in Madison’s second largest newspaper and she’s looking for platform?

Gaylor says she wants to be respected. What tripe. If that were true she would simply be saying “Please accept my choice to not believe in God” which I have no problem with whatsoever. But she can’t even talk to Christans without trying convert them to atheism first. She is lying by saying religion is everywhere she turns and on every street corner. In Madison? Street corners in Madison are not filled with folks breaking out in old time religion. Anne Gaylor is to atheists as Fred Phelps is to Christians. She is warping the idea of pluralism and tolerance in the United States. She may be closer to salvation than a lot of us if all she can find is religious programming on broadcast television in Madison. She sees God in everything. I mean is she that paranoid to see creeping Christianity under every word and phrase?

She also selectively publishes her hate mail each week in this paper with Christians who drop F-bombs at the drop of a penny so as to depict them as tormenters of her principles.

People like this have agendas too transparent for analysis: They hate… Pure and simple. They have no tolerance, yet they preach it.

She is like all liberals. Liberals like to spend other peoples money and then pat themselves on the back for doing good for others. Anne Gaylor will never understand the words God teaches because she knows them all to well and twists them to promote her schema.


JT Norlander said...

amen. They say they're hte ones who are being persecuted, while Christianity is the one who is under attack.

Eman said...

You have to love an atheist who promotes Christ. Thanks for visiting JT. God is glorified by your service and sacrifice.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

There are 594 churches in the Madison metro area.

And you can only sue to prevent the government from spending tax dollars on religion, or if you can prove that you're being harassed (which would have to include direct attacks on you). You can't sue to prevent someone from practicing their religion, unless they're forcing it on you.