Wednesday, December 30, 2009


In a recent artical I came across shown here, we see a true physical illustration of why what I and most of my fellow conservative friends say is right and why what liberals do and think is wrong.

Americans hunker down in a recession, they normally do not move and stay put where they are. If they do move during slow economic times, they do so with purpose and prejudice. We are in a very slow economic time right now and the Census Bureau is telling us some very relevant information about how America thinks and what it wants.

The Bureau tells us Americans are moving out of certain states and moving into others.

Americans are moving out of:
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island

Americans moved into:
South Dakota

In fact the state with the largest population growth last year is the state nobody lives in, except Dick Cheney, is Wyoming.

Ok… So the question is: In bad times people moved to Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota because______________


Is it low taxes?

Yes, these states have low and in some cases no income taxes, but that’s only part of the equation.

Is it cost of living?

Yes, it’s true these states have lower living costs, but again that’s just a small part of the answer.

What’s the biggie here?

Why would people pick up and move to these states when they can least afford to?


Diogenes said...

Because you can marry your cousin in most of these states?

Because you can have an IQ of 40 and still be in the top 10% of those states' populations?

Wait a second..... where's Wisconsin, e-boy? Shouldn't they be on that list?

And where IS Rode Island, anyway?

Eman said...

Wow… Cardinal sin. A typo by Eman. And you always here to point out my failings. How sweet. I’m touched. Deeply moved. Here…. I’ll fix my error for you oh great Diorreah.

Eman said...

The man with all the answers can't answer this one friends. And yet he takes time to insult my intelligence. With my lip bleeding trying to stop myself from firing back, I point out there are times this is just too easy. I’ve baffled Diorreah every time.

Even the Captain of the Colorado Kook Coral can’t come up with a coherent comment.

Just goes to show yah, even the best loser is a very poor choice.

Diogenes said...

The biggie, it appears, is your own ignorance. Your link is not to an "artical" but to a Census website. And the numbers at that website don't support anything you've stated as fact. It appears that you think you're looking at some sort of migration stats, but the two lists of states you compiled aren't correct; there are some states that have lost more than the states you have listed, and there are some states that have gained more than the states you cite. So any pattern you may think you have detected isn't even there.

In other words, you are full of horse manure. As usual.

But, I will hand you this: you are dead on in your headline:


Yeah, you are that, for sure.....

Eman said...

The census site is where I got my stats and they are accurate. I double checked.

BUZZZZZ … Incorrect.
(How truly astonishing)

Anyone else?

Eman said...

By the way Diorreah... You've been had and you don't know it yet. Been two weeks now.

Diogenes said...

NOW I UNDERSTAND! You must have been the guy humping the squirrels in the big oak tree in my front yard on Christmas Eve! I should warn you: the cops told me they were going to stake out that tree from now on, so be careful when you sneak back here.

Eman said...

You're such a good democrat Dio-dung. You have no idea how much fun it is making a fool of you. The funniest thing is you have yet to realize the joke.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Diogofleas, speaking like a typical flaming liberal: making remarks about a large group of people because they don't agree with his way of thinking.

Speaking of marrying cousins, have you and your buttboy Minnich set a date?

And you shouldn't lie about having a big oak tree or squirrels being humped in your front yard. We all know you live in your parent's basement and are kept away from the outside world.

Pat Riot

Diogenes said...

No, you've got it ass-backwards, as usual, Pattycake. e-boy is the one living in his momma's basement; that's what started him off on this nitwit tangent of his. He thought that I was insulting his dying mom, when in fact the only thing that insults the poor lady is his existence.

Eman said...

Let the record show:

A.)My mother could not be more proud of her son. She says I saved her life. She could get out of the hospital soon and she will start a rehab stint to get back her stamina.

B.)I live in my home on Lauderdale Lake north of Elkhorn Wisconsin and have not lived in my parents home for over thirty years. I’ve never lived in the basement.

C.)I do not screw squirrels, I feed them, along with wild turkeys and pheasants that frequent my yard.

D.)Diorreah is a democrat.

OOPS…Sorry, that last one was uncalled for…

Anonymous said...

Speaking of things being "ass backwards", Diogofleas: I notice you had a response for everything I said, with the exception being your affections (and erections) for Minnich the Cynic. LOL.

Oh, and by the way, stupid little avatar you have: some socialist holding a lantern to light the way. If a socialist wants to see, all he has to do is remove his head from his behind.

Pat Riot

Diogenes said...

You're really well versed in classical history, Pattycake.

And the reference to Bill Minnich? Not worth a response.