Wednesday, December 2, 2009


You know, this situation has become so blatant. I am truly amazed by those who are standing in the gap of what is now exposed as a two decade old crapcake. Those who stand in support of the trumped up science can now be described as one who takes something for the purpose of self gratification. The reason these “Earthers” wanted no debate is because, in the realm of truth and fact, they have no standing. They called dissenters fools and neo-cons. They called them uninformed, misguided, stupid, ignorant and worst of all, Republicans. They unplugged their microphones when facts were being presented. They did not allow them public debate or even a chance to challenge you. They used money to skew scientific data and bribed those who willingly bent to your agenda.

Now under investigation is a climatologist from Penn State University who was sending and receiving many of the emails which have come to light since their publication on the internet. A British professor has stepped down as head of his department because he is implicated in the emails as well. The ripples of this blatant suppression of facts and doctoring of readings and fudging data in order to support the global warming theory are being seen even as I tap the keys of my keyboard. They are investigating in Madison Wisconsin, in Australia, Europe Canada and Asia.

These are real professional people in high profile jobs and heads of very well funded facilities. Why are these people so willing to embrace the dubious theory of man induced global warming? Why would the stake their career and livelihood on this when no proof actually exists?

Folks, the facts are if man made global warming is a fact, then man could fix it.

But these professors and professional people are out there selling this idea and the fact of the matter is, they are just like whores: Out there selling they’re academic souls for cash. They are hookers. Maybe worse than hookers because I’d have more faith the hooker could do something worthwhile for the money: That hooker isn’t trying to shut down free markets or cripple the economy or destroy industries here in the United States, she’s just trying to make her thirty bucks! These professional academic acolytes have nothing. Not one iota of truth at all. And they’re asking us to all buy into their claims and threaten us with doomsday forecasts if we don’t pay up. Al Gore makes millions pushing GARBAGE that has real impact on human lives.

Well I never drank the kool-aid. I know a nut job when I see one and Al Gore is a nut job. He’s a very rich nut job right now, but I believe that will soon change. This bloviating narcissist who has delusions of godhood will soon be telling us the temps are going to go down, and then will rise again.

Katie bar the door oh the humanity… we are having … weather!!!!!!!!!

But in the meantime Obama and his merry men will tax us out of our quality of life, spend fortunes on con artists all over something we have nop control over at all.

Shame on you who bought into this. Your lust for money has shown you to be nothing but whores. Climate whores. You who said this would be a decade of the most volatile weather the planet has ever seen has been shown to be the most quiet series of hurricane seasons in my lifetime. We have had 2 major hurricanes in the last 5 years and none have hit populated areas. A few typhoons, but that’s it. These people said it was the Atlantic that would become a hurricane nursery of baby-boom proportions. The Atlantic is now exiting one of its calmest periods in the last 100 years. We barely had a rain storm come out of the Atlantic this year people!

So where are the alarmists now???

They’re in bed with Reid and Pelosi and Obama, just like the whores they truly are.


Anonymous said...

"Whores Hookers and Prostitutes"? Thats a bit harsh for you isn't it eman? I really don't see the connection. Seems you went on a rant so you could use strong language to impugn and judge others as well as insult them. Some people are sensitive to such talk and do not care for the rude and crud language you seem to love using. I would be one of those. Why do you attack the dignity of these scientists? They are doing the work of the people for the people to keep us informed of the imminent danger man is causing to the planet? I don’t hear any of this stuff on my news cast at home. Where do you get off saying this garbage?

Eman said...

I see you’re from California. Nice of you to drop in, and thank you for your comment. I almost thought you were one of the nasty parasites I get here from time to time but you language and the live traffic feed prove you to be otherwise.

Well, the balls teed up, the oversize drivers gripped, lets rip this thing down the fairway!

Now I don’t know your story or where you come from other than you now reside in Beale. I appreciate your thoughts and if you were offended in any way by my post, I want you to know that I am honestly most sincerely joyful at your affronted response.

Temps are down… down for the last decade. The scientists played “Hide the decline” and we now know it to be fact. Heads are rolling, global warming is now reduced to a joke on late night TV and Al Gore has been skewered by the very internet he says he created.

The truth will out, as they say, and these “scientists” are forever tainted: Corrupted because they would not entertain debate or provide true data for securitization or corroboration. They have been falling for days and they will fall today and as investigations continue they will fall harder and harder as they steel themselves against the tide of truth now coming to bare on their so called “work”.

Again, thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back because you know as well as I do, liberals need to attack the truth. I’ll be here.

Merry Christmas!!

(Oops… I offended again…)