Monday, December 14, 2009



Uncle Slam said...

So the rocks under the surface of the Earth are "several million degrees"??? I guess all those geologists were wrong when they said 12,600 degrees. The surface of the sun is only 10,000 degrees (although at it's hottest spot it's 27 million degrees)...hmmmm...maybe Al has the Earth and Sun confused...happens to a lot of intellectuals.

Speaking of intellectuals, I see Aimless Cynic is still cowering from any real debate (although he's still infatuated with male genetalia...good to see some things never change). Over the past three weeks, Aimless and his lapdog, Diogofleas, seem to be the only people able to post on his "blog".

Remember the good old days when there would be five, six...even a dozen replies to his inane commentary? Now he's hiding in his bomb shelter, legs shaking like Chris Matthews' after seeing a shirtless pic of Obama.

It was great to see you bring up his alleged "military" career. You'd have thought during his 21 years he'd have at least attempted OCS...guess his lack of a college education hampered him in that aspect. Or, perhaps he couldn't pass the psychological testing...I can certainly see that as a possibility too.

Regardless, I hope all is well with you, eman. Congratulations on reaching the half-century mark. Here's to another 50 years.

Uncle Slam said...

Hey, looking at that video makes one wonder: is that Stooge Minnich, running from a debate? Oh,'s Al Bore (like there's a difference).

Notice how he's claiming I was another poster (Pat Riot)? When a month ago, he was claiming this "Pat Riot" was actually four different people (which, in retrospect, probably makes Aimless feel good, in that he'd like to think four people view his "blog").

I've challenged the buffoon to display his intellect in a competitive forum a dozen or so times and each time he ignores the request, choosing to display vivid sexist, homoerotic, violent tendancies in his inane postings.

Poor Aimless, 'tis the season to be jolly and all he can do is wish harm and despair on others.