Monday, December 28, 2009


If Obama had anyone worth his paycheck advising him, he’d see the way out of the wars we are in and stop many of the problems Israel has all in one easy effort. Heck, if Obama were as smart as liberals told us he is, he’d figure it out without help. But alas Obama does not have the intellectual bill of goods we were sold nor has he surrounded himself with anyone who knows anything about the Middle East or how terrorism is supported, spread and supplied.

Here’s the simple answer: Help those revolting in Iran to overthrow their oppressive government. You stop all kinds of terror if you remove the leaders in power of Iran.

1. You stop military hardware (Missiles, guns, RPG’s, ammo, rocket launchers and rockets etc.) going into Iraq which kill American and allied solders.

2. You stop arming the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan which kill American and allied solders.

3. You stop arms shipments to Hamas and Hezbollah in Israel thus eliminating their ability to resupply and fight the war they wish to have with Israel.

4. You shut off the supply lines to possibly hundreds of other terror factions across the globe.

We know where the arms are coming from. We know who supplies al Qaeda across the globe. We know who finances their plots and fosters their growth.

Stop Iran, you stop a lot.

So why is Barack Obama turning his back on the people of Iran? Why would you not support a mutiny from within rather than a war we can’t afford? If moneys the issue, and it sure was when Bush was in office but seems less so now, why not take the easy road to victory?

Oops… I said the “V” word.


And while we're at it.....

This is how a lesbian thinks. The system worked????
This is how Bill Minnich and Dio-rreah believe the war should be fought.
This is the lefts idea of victory: Someone other than them stepping up to save us from the idiots they elected.

These jerks would piss on your leg and tell you, "It's raining!!"

“Luck is always the last refuge of laziness and incompetence.” James Cash Penney


Uncle Slam said...

Wow, Diogofleas is quite the persistant little stalker. He visits the sight several times a day! You'd think that coming here would interfere with his online fantasies of "Brokeback Mountain" with Stooge Minnich.

Speaking of Aimless Cynic, I have noticed his blog(?) has been very quiet since he began cowering and running from the First Ammendment.

It's funny to see the twit attempt to display some intellect, when he still won't accept any invites to our online Jeopardy! games. Wonder why he's so afraid?

Eman said...

I have been and continue to be transparent in who I am, where I am, what I believe and what I think.
1. Is easy to see through but his details remain sketchy at best. He can see where I live, where I work, what Church I attend and the fact I am an elected official makes me a public figure. Yet he says “Come get me… I’m right here… Bring it…”etc. Well if that’s your wish Dio-rreah why not tell us who you are? If he was honest, he would tell me where to find him, thus verifying the fact he is dishonest and fictional in ALL he says and does.
2. We know where he works and what he does but his name is elusive. Kind-a like the birth certificate.
3. He says he is a better Christian than I am, yet each Sunday when I come home from Church, I see he’s been on my blog. This could mean I am the closest thing to Jesus he sees each week. God demands worship. Diogofleas demands we bend over for him. Not happening here.
4. The one thing that should be obvious to him has eluded his impoverished intellect, for he has no idea he has already been had.
5. Dio-rreah is a two legged farce: a gleaming jewel of colossal ignorance. He is a ridicules representative of the gender and a disgrace to my race. He recently made me laugh when he commented this exact phrase: “ESAD” which of course means eat sh** and die. My reply was simply: ESAL which of course means eat sh** and LIVE!!!

He is a screaming little third grader who can’t get his way, can’t win a fight, can’t spell, can’t proofread, and would have to ponder his way out of a short hallway. He’s a sham: A circus. A retarded mutation from a nuclear disaster. How he remembers to breath puzzles me as well as his family practitioner. And this man is allowed to reproduce!!

So, what did you think of the post?

Eman said...

Just the fact he remains elusive in his identity is self-serving: He's a liberal and completely unaccountable for everything he does. Therefore he can and does say anything he pleases and says it's true. What a perfect little imaginary world he lives in.

Diogenes said...


e-noy, you probably shouldn't use big words (i.e., words of more than two syllables)without having a dictionary nearby. I would have bet that, having been called "ridiculous" so many times in your life, you'd have a clue how to spell it.

As for telling you where I am, I have to ask "Why?" You were the bigmouth who claimed you were going to hunt me down. Try it, little boy.

As for who's the better Christian, it's not just what you do on Sundays that matters; it's how you live your life. Your comments continually bespeak a miserably un-Christian mentality. Who cares what you do on Sunday?

And thanks for letting me know you're still reading my comments. :-)

BY theh way, th reason why your lame log shows me here so much? I set my browser to open to your blog by default... just because I know it pisses you off!

Eman said...

He tells me to not use big words and can't spell "theh" or "th".

Maybe you should stick to one syllable you ignorant punk.

You still ain't figured it out Dio-rreah. I'm wondering how long you'll take.

Some people go out of their way to prove they are not quite ready for 4th grade. You're pathetic.

Uncle Slam said...

LOL...poor Diogofleas, having trouble with theh, I mean, the, big words. Hahaha. Well, what should we expect from the only regular follower of Aimless' blog? Perhaps, "Pointless" might be a more fitting title for Stooge Minnich's nonsensical cyber ramblings.

Wonder what it was like in the Minnich household this Christmas...errr, holiday season? Him, attempting to drink enough of his homemade wine that his life might be a bit more bearable? Sorry...that was a bit personal. I shouldn't do that, after all, Stooge Minnich NEVER stoops to personal attacks (smirk).

E-man, I am so glad to see Diogofleas posting on your blog. You have teh...I mean, the, conviction to allow opposing viewpoints on your blog. And once again, those opposing viewpoints prove that some people are like slinkies: Not much good for anything, but awfully fun to push down stairs.

JT Norlander said...

I think helping an overthrow of the Iranian government would be great, but yet at the same time, when you look at Biblical prophecy, Iran will join with Russia and several other nations (this from Ezekiel) and will attack Israel, and will be destroyed by God with fire from heaven. So while yes, it's possible we'd get rid of this government, another Israel-hating government would rise to fulfill the prophecy.

Just my thought.


Diogenes said...

There's a difference between a typo and not knowing how to spell, e-boy.

And, by the way, there's nothing to "figure out" about you, e-boy. You're about as deep as a droplet of water.

I'm right here. Not moving. Not concerned.

Why not?

Because you couldn't find your own ass, even though it's attached. And massive.

Eman said...

Ummm.. Dio-rreah….

#1.You NEVER give ANYONE the opportunity to have a “Typo”. But you get them all the time. THAT’S CALLED ELITIST!!!!

#2. You can give all the excuses you want Dio-rreah, but it still makes you terrified someone would know who you REALLY are. You can crawl back in your little cave now and cower, it’s ok, we understand how hard it is to criticize everyone else and never be accountable for anything. Being a liberal is so easy, you don’t have to think or be responsible for your actions because everyone else is wrong.

Diogenes said...

Nawwww, not everybody is wrong.

Just redneck rightwingnut dumbasses like yourself.

Eman said...

Gutless punk

Anonymous said...

"BY theh way, th reason why your lame log shows me here so much? I set my browser to open to your blog by default... just because I know it pisses you off!"

Good to know we are dealing with such an emotionally stable person. You actually set your browser to open to this blog?? And the reason you do that is to piss someone off?

You really have gone over the edge.

Pat Riot

Eman said...

Diogenes is just the type of person I was thinking of when I came up with the name for my blog, and at the time it fit him very well, but as you can see he has gone from "Pathetically Incorrect" to “If I bash him AND his dying mother, maybe I’ll get some attention.” And when he got the attention he was looking for, he starts swearing at me for taking it personally.

Diogenes is like the drunk looking for his keys under a lamppost. Someone stops to help, and asks, "Is this where you lost them?"

“No”, the drunk answers, “but the light's better here.”

And Pat, you’re so right: Why would I get upset about my blog being his opening page?

Not only is his mind 180 degrees out of phase, but he’s really in the wrong line of work. He could work as an MSNBC anchor, but he can’t with all that foam around his mouth. Truth be known, If I’d have been his mother, I’d have kept the placenta and tossed him in the Dio-waste bin.

Oops… I meant bio-waste… Typo there….sorry

Anonymous said...

Another reason Diogofleas posts here, rather than on Aimless Cynic's blog, is due to the fact that he knows on this blog, at least he can be seen. No one seems to give a damn about posting on Minnich's pathetic piece of cyber-crap. LOL.

Pat Riot

Eman said...

This is true Pat... But then you always have an air of fact about you. You are truly a man of uncommon common sense: Something quite opaque to Bill and his follower.
If you’d have put a counter on cynic’s blog, he might have made 40
by the end of the year.

The fact is those who did come rarely agreed with him and since he began to moderate people see no reason to argue with one who cannot and will not debate. But there you have the liberal mindset: They are right and know what’s best control their little worlds with an iron fist. One problem: Their little world is shrinking fast. No one in America tolerates “small” for very long, and Bill and Diorreah can’t make one small mind between the two of them.